Brandy Williams

Aba Healing Academy, New Orleans, La.

Brandy’s 22-year career in education began as a middle school math teacher. She parlayed her success in the classroom into leadership roles at the building, district, and University level. In 2015, Brandy founded and led Generation Success, a non-profit based in New Orleans that provides educational support, advocacy, programming and training for students, families, educators, and school systems. Generation Success saw great gains from its summer and school-year enrichment programs each year, leading to Brandy’s decision to open a school as the next, logical step in changing the future for students, families, and communities.

Currently, Brandy is working to found Aba Healing Academy, a K-8 private school that marries African Traditional Religion and Catholicism (Candomble) with academic rigor and social-emotional learning. The tenets of Brandy’s vision include flexible age classes, play-based learning and development, a therapy dog program, and African religious concepts that create a well-rounded, community leader and advocate.  Brandy intends to use her degrees in clinical mental health and education as foundational levers for her work and has spent the last six years building this school model with communities across New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana. Brandy has previously participated in design fellowships with 4.0, Camelback Ventures, and The Mind Trust.