Egleevelyn Nuñez-Sancristobal​

STARS Global Preparatory, Miami, Fla.

Eglee, the Founder and Principal at STARS Autism School in Miami, Florida, is an inspirational leader. She motivates teachers and students alike to work hard, keep the right attitude, and be socially responsible. Under Eglee’s leadership, STARS Autism School has become a professional development academy for teachers, a family support system, and a safe place where students can learn and achieve.

Eglee is building on her success as a school developer to design a new school model that will serve cognitively typical students and features community service and service-learning as critical components of students’ lives at school. STARS Global Preparatory will feature partnerships with local businesses and charitable organizations, service learning, civic responsibility, and global awareness initiatives.

Eglee has a B.A. in Special Needs from Nova Southeastern University, an M.S. in Autism Research from Florida International University, and is enrolled in a Doctoral program at Nova Southeastern University in Education Leadership.