JR Huff

Liberty Academy of Columbus, Columbus, Ind.

For JR Huff, education is about holding students to the highest of standards – standards not even they think they can achieve – and then providing them the necessary support to flourish in ways they never thought possible. This is at the heart of his work to launch Liberty Academy of Columbus, Ind., a private, K-7 institution whose mission is to cultivate the minds and guide the hearts of young people through classical, time-tested methods, with instruction in moral character and civic virtue. The school will open in the fall of 2023.

A tenured public educator, JR previously taught world history and ethnic studies at Columbus North High School from 2018-2022. Prior to serving in Columbus, he was a middle school teacher in Louisville, Ky., from 2014-2018. JR earned both a MBA and Master of Arts in teaching from the University of Louisville. In addition to launching Liberty Academy, he also serves on the board of his local youth baseball league and is a member of Blessed Life Fellowship. He is married to Sarah, who is both an engineer and the smartest person he knows. When JR is not extolling the benefits of classical education, you can probably find him on a baseball diamond coaching one of his three sons.

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