Palmer Williams

King’s Academy, Nashville, Tenn.

Palmer and her husband, Joseph, are deeply connected in the education and community activist communities in Nashville, Tenn. Desiring a school where families of diverse backgrounds have access to Christian educational opportunities that are grounded in faith and focus on unity, diversity, and high expectations for every child, Palmer is developing King’s Academy, a mixed-income classical Christian K-8 school.

In between undergrad and law school, Palmer lived and taught at an HIV/AIDS orphanage in rural South Africa while her husband taught in Teach For America in Metro Nashville Public Schools. They then cofounded The Peacefield Group law practice. Palmer has worked with government agencies and faith-based organizations to launch statewide initiatives and grassroots organizing campaigns. Joseph was the Founding Chairman of the Board of a successful charter school that is now in its fifth year.

Palmer, who will be board chair of King’s Academy, earned her Juris Doctor from Vanderbilt Law School and her B.A. in Political Science and Community Development from Vanderbilt University. Palmer also spent several years living and serving in sub-Saharan Africa, working with grassroots NGOs serving vulnerable children and victims of the HIV epidemic.