STARS Global Preparatory

A native of Miami, Egleevelyn (Eglee) Nuñez-Sancristobal has had an educational career specializing in early childhood, ESL and special education. Working with several co-founders, Eglee launched STARS Autism School in 2011 and served as its first principal. In response to parent requests to bring her engaging and well-rounded learning environment to a school that would serve children […]

Notre Dame School of Milwaukee

Notre Dame School of Milwaukee is an independent Catholic elementary and middle school. Operating on two campuses, the school has begun an expansion plan that will grow enrollment from 560 to 860 over seven years. Known for its English/Spanish dual-language program, NDM employs an extended day/year/life model that includes after-school programming, summer school and graduate […]

St. Augustine Prep

Launched in 2017 to serve a low-income, primarily Hispanic community on Milwaukee’s south side, St. Augustine Preparatory Academy has a 12-acre campus where it has recently added a new facility. Enrolling in pre-K through 12th grade, the school will add nearly 1,000 students in the next four years, bringing total enrollment to 2,400. Aug Prep’s […]

St. Marcus Lutheran School

With a vision to be the best urban, Christian school in America and to transform the city of Milwaukee through the power of the Gospel, St. Marcus Lutheran School seeks to transform the lives of students by providing them with access to an exceptional education and strong character so that they can lead successful lives […]

Aba Healing Academy

Aba Healing Academy (Aba) is a private school built on the values of faith, family, focus, and foundation. The faith component centers on the religious concept of Candomblé, which teaches ancient African concepts from Yoruba and the Bantu people coupled with the tenets of Catholicism. Family is at the core of the school’s vision of […]

SailFuture Academy

Founded in 2013, SailFuture is a nonprofit based in St. Petersburg, Florida, that provides mental health and job training services for at-risk teens in foster care, as well as operates two licensed child welfare group homes that provide a sailing focused high school program to residents that include multi-month sailing journeys throughout Central America and the […]

Hope Ranch Learning Academy

Hope Ranch calls itself “Christian in nature.” Located on an actual ranch with horses and stables, the school provides enriched learning and therapeutic services in an integrated program for autistic students. While there are no religion classes per se, Christian principles guide the ways students are cared for and taught. The notion of absolute truth […]

King’s Academy

King’s Academy is a Pre-K-8th grade independent Christian school providing a classically inspired education to a racially and socioeconomically balanced student body in Nashville, Tennessee. Based on core values of diversity, humility and unity, King’s Academy’s pedagogy moves students through two of the three main stages of classical learning called the trivium – the Grammar […]

Great Hearts Christos

Great Hearts Academies, a multistate charter school operator serving more than 26,000 students, will launch its first two private schools under the Christos name in fall 2023 in the Phoenix area. Together they will serve around 350 students in grades K-5. Great Hearts Christos intends to unite three institutions that have “preserved the heritage of […]

Icon Preparatory School Jacksonville

Icon Prep launched its first school in Tampa in 2018. After working in charter schools around the country, founder Dwayne Raiford returned to his hometown to create a college-prep school inspired by the ethos of HBCUs (historically Black colleges and universities). He anticipated opening with 60 students but received hundreds of applications that first year. […]