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Hope Ranch Learning Academy

Hudson, Fla.

Hope Ranch calls itself “Christian in nature.” Located on an actual ranch with horses and stables, the school provides enriched learning and therapeutic services in an integrated program for autistic students. While there are no religion classes per se, Christian principles guide the ways students are cared for and taught. The notion of absolute truth plays a central role, as autistic students “function well in absolutes and not in relativism.” Services including speech and occupational therapy are offered through a partnership with Pasco County Schools, and Hope Ranch staff teach classes and provide lessons in horsemanship, therapeutic riding and social-skills training. The school embraces accountability and uses norm-referenced assessments annually to monitor student progress. Previously split between two campuses, Hope Ranch acquired a parcel of land to the west of its main campus and is adding classroom buildings there, enabling the consolidation of all students on one campus. The school has plans to acquire a third parcel later in 2023, which will lead to further growth and a career & technical training center.