Portfolio Member

Kenosha Christian Academy

Kenosha, Wis.

With a mission to provide an excellent Christian education for inner-city children in Kenosha, in hope of forming students, families, and staff who love God and neighbor, KCA is focused on four values: academic excellence, relational flourishing, spiritual vibrancy, and vocational preparedness. KCA draws its instructional philosophy and focus from the classical tradition through exposure to Great Books, inculcating piety and wisdom, and a program that follows the trivium—grammar, logic and rhetoric. In 2nd grade, students will participate in a single-gender, cross-grade “house system” to redirect peer influence, leveraging it for character formation, student leadership, and mentoring. KCA’s program includes a strong emphasis on parental involvement, with practices the school is adopting from Drexel portfolio schools The Oaks Academy (Indiana) and Kings Academy (Tennessee). Launched in 2022 with students in grades K-3, KCA will grow one grade per year to serve grades K-8. The vision is to grow into a K-12 school over time.