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Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School is an all-boys school bordering Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a mission to “Build a brotherhood in Christ, for lives of purpose.” Launched in August 2018, Kingdom Prep is the first all-boys Lutheran school in America. Modeled after St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, New Jersey, Kingdom Prep emphasizes team building and spiritual development to build a social and spiritual network that supports students through rigorous academic work and the difficulties of adolescence. The college-preparatory curriculum will be enhanced each year through thematic learning via a “community innovation partnership challenge” where student teams focus on tackling a unique community problem by integrating grade-appropriate math, science, reading, and social studies to solve problems. Kingdom Prep’s President, Kevin Festerling, participated in The Drexel Fund’s Founders Program in 2017-18.