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SailFuture Academy

St. Petersburg, Fla.

Founded in 2013, SailFuture is a nonprofit based in St. Petersburg, Florida, that provides mental health and job training services for at-risk teens in foster care, as well as operates two licensed child welfare group homes that provide a sailing focused high school program to residents that include multi-month sailing journeys throughout Central America and the Caribbean. With a vision to expand SailFuture’s reach, CEO Mike Long entered The Drexel Fund’s Founders Program in July 2020 to develop SailFuture Academy, a private entrepreneurship-focused high school that teaches students how to solve real-world problems by practically applying the skills and knowledge acquired through project-based learning. Immersive learning labs allow students to solve real-world challenges through the lens of the construction, maritime and culinary industries. As part of their academic experience, all students have the opportunity to participate in apprenticeships and professional work study to develop stronger workplace habits and skills with local employment partners. Non-academic student supports include small group advising in “crews,” access to mental health services and foster care case management. Launched in fall 2021.