Funding Criteria
To be eligible to apply, applicants must demonstrate the following:

  • A record of operating at least one school for three or more years that demonstrates successful academic performance, with students achieving strong, consistent gains across several testing periods on a state or nationally-normed assessment;
  • Teachers and school leaders actively using the data to strengthen instructional practices;
  • An experienced leadership team with high expectations for all students and educators;
  • Measurable success with character and/or faith development with their student body.

The Drexel Fund will only invest in existing schools/networks that have demonstrated financial sustainability. On average, no more than 15% of a school or network’s budget, at scale, should be met by philanthropy.


The Drexel Fund will only invest in existing networks/schools who are committed and equipped to scale and replicate. The Drexel Fund will direct investments toward leaders who aspire to grow networks, understand the difficulties of scale, and have plans to overcome the obstacles to high-quality growth.