Our Vision

With a long-term goal of supporting the growth of private school networks across the nation, the Drexel Fund will concentrate near-term investments in six states that provide the most advantageous environment for new, high-quality, financially sustainable private schools:  Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio and Wisconsin.

For Schools & Founders
Funding schools, school networks, and educational entrepreneurs
  • Successful academic performance on state or nationally-normed assessments

  • Use of data to strengthen instructional practices

  • Experienced leadership team with high expectations

  • Strong character and/or faith development

  • Strong organizational financial practices

  • No more than 15% of budget at scale to be met by philanthropy

  • Aspire to grow into a network of schools

  • Equipped to scale and replicate

  • Have plans to overcome the obstacles to high-quality growth

Let's Start a Conversation
Interested in starting a network of high-achieving and life-changing schools for underprivileged children?