Strengthening the ecosystems in which private schools operate

Sharing knowledge, engaging partners, advocating

The Drexel Fund works to strengthen the private school market through information sharing and ecosystem-building activities: 

Share Knowledge and Practices

The Drexel Fund serves as a “hub” for sharing best practices and learning in the private school sector to inform school entrepreneurs and operators. Grantees benefit from an annual convening of portfolio members, where they network and share best practices with some of the most dynamic private school operators in the country.

Tell the Story

The Drexel Fund works to engage people and institutions across the United States in the work of private school replication and to reinforce that the private school sector is a “big tent,” committed to equitable excellence and innovation.

Advocate for Policy Change

The Drexel Fund partners with state-based school choice advocacy organizations to improve state policies and local operating conditions for entrepreneurs.