Early Stage Support

Resources and support for aspiring school entrepreneurs

The Drexel Fund is developing a national community of entrepreneurs who engage in a set of experiences intended to allow The Drexel Fund to make small investments in seed-stage ideas and to strengthen the prospect for the successful launch of new school models prior to potential larger investments.

At informational workshops, held virtually or in person, across our target states, we identify, vet and provide early-stage support for education entrepreneurs aiming to develop and test new concepts, with the goal of increasing the number of new private schools and innovative new school models launched nationally.

Beyond the info sessions, we match entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next step in the school development process to training programs or other opportunities in which they can focus on the next step of their journey most critical to their developmental stage or school model. We partner with existing national providers of school development experiences and work with these partners on program modifications to address the unique needs of private-sector school creators.

Registration: Private School Development Information Sessions

These free information sessions provide a forum for first-time private school founders to learn about the fundamentals of school development and hear from leaders who have launched private schools. Following attendance at any one of our in-person or virtual sessions, participants will be informed of additional school development workshops and other opportunities for private school startup support provided by The Drexel Fund. 

A light meal will be provided at the beginning of the in-person sessions.

Note: These sessions are not tailored to educators seeking to replicate or improve existing schools, but are for entrepreneurs seeking to start new schools.