Who We Are
Funding schools, school networks, and educational entrepreneurs

The Drexel Fund is a venture philanthropy fund that invests and partners in the growth of high-quality, financially sustainable networks of faith-based and other private schools to create transformational outcomes for all students and families. The Fund will provide growth funding to high-quality, nonprofit school operators replicating their successful school models; launching innovative new models; and developing network support for at least four schools.

A national focus

While the Drexel Fund is a national fund with a long-term goal of supporting the growth of private school networks across the nation, near-term investments will be concentrated in six states that provide the most advantageous environment for new, high-quality, financially sustainable, private schools: Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin.


Photo courtesy of The Oaks Academy.


The Drexel Fund is raising a $30 million fund to support the creation of 15,000 high-quality, private school seats. Funding will be available to support the development and implementation of multi-year growth plans for new and existing networks of high-performing schools that serve low- and middle-income students.