What We Do

Powering the creation and growth
of high-impact private schools

The Drexel Fund aims to expand access to high-impact private schools in underserved communities. Our grantmaking supports the creation of new schools and the expansion or replication of existing schools. We also work to ensure healthy ecosystems are in place to support the growth of financially accessible private schools.


We SEED new schools by supporting private school founders in the development and launch of new school models that could eventually grow into networks.


We SCALE existing high-quality networks and grow high-quality single-site schools into multi-school networks.


We STRENGTHEN the private school market through information sharing and ecosystem-building activities.


In addition to funding, The Drexel Fund provides advisory support to school and network portfolio members, plays a key role in capturing and sharing best practices, and connects leaders across the private school sector.

Since 2015, we have raised over $50 million from purpose-driven donors and invested it to launch 73 new schools in 14 states, creating nearly 19,000 new seats.

While we appreciate that schools may need philanthropy to fund buildings enhancements, or improved programming, projects that don't directly create new schools or additional seats are not part of our mission.

We Support the Creation of Schools and Networks That Are:

High Quality

Financially Sustainable

Scalable and Replicable

All entrepreneurs and networks we fund must have a commitment to serving at least one-third low-income students.