What We Do
Drexel Fund has three core activities:

Incubate new networks of schools by supporting private school founders in the development and launch of new school models.

Expand existing high-quality networks and grow high-quality single-site schools into multi-school networks.

Strengthen the private school market through information sharing and ecosystem-building activities

Start-up capital & advisory support

While the Drexel Fund is a national fund with a long-term goal of launching and supporting private school networks across the nation, near-term investments will be concentrated in states and regions that provide the most advantageous environment for new, high-quality, financially sustainable, private schools.

In addition to start-up capital, the Drexel Fund will provide substantial advisory support to portfolio members, play a key role in capturing and sharing best practices, and connect leaders across the private school sector. The Fund’s portfolio management activities will help portfolio members grow strong organizations.


Photo courtesy of HOPE Christian Schools.

Additional support

Ongoing advisory support from Fund team members will be supplemented with targeted support from external consultants (e.g., network design, academics, facilities, finance, technology) and other advisors. Portfolio members meeting quality and sustainability milestones will be eligible for start-up funding for additional expansion.

As a result of its investment activities, the Drexel Fund expects to create 125 new, high-quality, financially sustainable schools, launch or grow 6 – 8 proof-point networks, and support approximately 40 new private school entrepreneurs over the next ten years.