What We Do

The Drexel Fund provides funding for: the development and implementation of multiyear growth plans for new and existing networks of high-performing schools that serve low- and middle-income students; operational funding gaps at brand new, replicable schools; innovative entrepreneurs planning their school launch through The Drexel Fund’s Founders Program; and early stage entrepreneurs taking the next step in their development.

We SEED new schools by supporting private school founders in the development and launch of new school models that could eventually grow into networks.

We SCALE existing high-quality networks and grow high-quality single-site schools into multi-school networks.

We STRENGTHEN the private school market through information sharing and ecosystem-building activities.

We Support the Creation of Schools and Networks That Are:

High Quality

  • Students achieve strong, consistent academic results on a state or nationally-normed assessment;
  • Teachers and school leaders actively use data to strengthen instructional practices; 
  • Leadership team has a strong track record in operations, finance, and student academic systems; 
  • School community exhibits an integral approach to character and/or faith development with the student body.

Financially Sustainable

  • Schools or networks will on average require no more than 15 percent of their operational budget at scale to be met by philanthropy.

Scalable and Replicable

  • Leaders who aspire to grow networks are committed to replication and have plans to overcome the obstacles to high-quality growth.

All entrepreneurs and teams we fund must have a commitment to serving at least one-third low-income students.

In addition to funding, The Drexel Fund provides advisory support to school and network portfolio members, plays a key role in capturing and sharing best practices, and connects leaders across the private school sector.

Over its first four years, The Drexel Fund supported the creation of more than 8,000 new high-quality, private school seats at 26 new schools. Over the next five years we expect to support the launch of 50 new, high-quality, financially sustainable private schools that represent 12,500 seats and support approximately 125 new private school entrepreneurs in the development of their school models.

While we appreciate the importance of projects that could best be funded through local philanthropy, like new buildings, adding grade levels, or improving programming, these projects are not part of our mission.