Application Process

This year’s application process is currently open!

The application process for starting a new school with support from The Drexel Fund is designed to assess your readiness to embark on an immense challenge: the founding of a new, sustainable private school for underserved students that will ultimately be replicated into a network of schools.

The Drexel Fund does not expect candidates to have a fully formed proposal (replete with academic, strategic and business plans) at the start of the application process. As you advance through the process you will continue refining your vision for your school. We use a rigorous application process that delves into your leadership and entrepreneurial experience because while many applicants are enthusiastic about this opportunity, it takes a unique leader to be successfully design and launch a new private school.

Round 1: Candidates will upload a resume and submit answers to short answer questions about their leadership and school proposal.

Round 2: After a phone interview with a member of the Drexel team, second-round candidates will upload a draft school design and budget, submit references, and complete a set of video interview questions.

Round 3: Finalists will complete performance tasks, have a live interview, and be visited by the Drexel Founders Program Director at their current school or workplace.

Photo courtesy of Cristo Rey Network.

Application Deadlines

September 1: Application process opens

December 1: First application deadline

February 28: First round decisions finalized

February 1: Final application deadline

April 30: Second (final) round decisions finalized

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