Registration: Private School Development Workshops

These free workshops are geared toward individuals who are in the early stages of school launch planning. Each workshop is focused on a specific area of school startup and participants are provided with self-directed learning materials to help them take the next step in their school startup journey. The schedule of workshop offerings will be updated throughout the year. Follow The Drexel Fund on Facebook or sign up on the Drexel Fund homepage for email updates to be notified of new opportunities.

Workshop Descriptions

School Model Development

  • Participants will receive guidance on developing the three basic elements of school design: mission, vision, and graduate profile. All attendees will receive materials to support independent post-session work on constructing and refining their school model.


School Budget Development

  • Participants will learn the merits of a “bottoms up” budgeting philosophy and gain perspective on how budgets can be a useful tool in managing and presenting their school models. This will include an introduction to the major components of a school operating budget and presentation of a framework for thinking about what items relate specifically to their school and therefore should be included in their school budget. All attendees will receive Excel-based budget templates to support independent budget development work.


A light meal will be provided at the beginning of in-person sessions.

Note: These sessions are not tailored to educators seeking to replicate or improve existing schools, but are for entrepreneurs seeking to start new schools.

Workshop Registration

Workshop Session Registration - 2023-24

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